Visitor Visa

Find out if you need a visa to enter to Canada, and what are the requirements for Travel Visa

From coast to coast, Canada would bring you wonderful experiences and opportunities to get exposed to a multicultural environment. Canadian history and its diverse, breathtaking landscape makes it a precious touristic destination. Canada is perfect location for people who love nature and vibrant cities.

There are some countries which are exempt from applying for a Canada Visitor Visa and will only need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA. The rest of countries need to apply for a temporary visa to enter to Canada. The application would be assessed by the correspondent embassy and a biometric screening notification would be issued by an embassy consultant usually 24-48 hours after application submission.  The processing time is changing depends on the conditions and the urgency of the trip purpose. The general requirements for a Travel Visa are as follows:

  • Valid passport or travel document
  • Traveling purpose (visit, tourism, ..)
  • Sufficient fund for traveling and length of stay in Canada 
  • Proof of ties in home country such as family, job, financial assets to prove you will return home
  • No criminal record or immigration-related issues
  • Being admissible to Canada
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